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  • OSHA Offers New Nail-Gun Safety Guide
    Posted Sep. 29
  • A recent study of apprentice carpenters found that two out of five were injured using a nail gun during their four years of training, one in five was injured twice, and one in 10 was injured three or more times. In light of those statistics, The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) last week issued a 20-page nail gun safety guide for construction contractors.

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Ultra-Quiet Range Hoods from Zephyr

  • Source: BUILDING PRODUCTS Magazine
  • Publication date: 2011-09-16

The Next Generation Europa range hood collection features the DCBL Suppression System, which incorporates a direct-current brushless motor, dimmable Bloom HD LED bulbs, and a sophisticated, on-board computer system to provide quiet and efficient performance.

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  • Ipe Clip Co.

  • Explore hidden deck fastening clips in Ipe Clip's product brochure.
  • Honeywell

  • Learn about wind turbine systems in Honeywell's product brochure.

New + Noteworthy

  • Framing Blades from Bosch

    Daredevil framing blades provide thin-kerf, extra-hard steel plate blades with triple-sharp carbide teeth that are sharpened on the face, top, and sides to power through wood and deliver a combination of speed and a smooth finish, according to the ma...
  • Custom Colors Cabinetry from Danver

    The manufacturer’s low-maintenance stainless steel cabinetry is now offered in a variety of exterior finishes, including custom painted colored and wood finishes, allowing homeowners and designers to create personalized, custom outdoor spaces....

Product Reviews

  • ImgPro Review: Barwalt Ultra Grouting System
  • Source: ebuild August 09th 2011
  • "The Barwalt Ultra Grouting System makes cleaning grout from tile lightning fast. The large pads and the consistency of the scrub can take on 5 to 10 feet of tile at a time, and it works on all types of tile, but it's really the self-cleaning process that speeds up the work." More
  • ImgProducts in Practice: Modern Accessibility
  • Source: ebuild July 04th 2011
  • If ever a project shunned the notion that universal design has to be clunky and obvious, it's this remodeled kitchen from Jackson Design & Remodeling in San Diego. Hidden among the modern lines, inviting open space, and stainless steel are numerous details that make life easier for one of the owners, a wheelchair-bound physician. More
  • ImgPro Review: Sealection 500 Spray-Foam Insulation by Demilec
  • Source: ebuild July 19th 2011
  • "I think [Demilec Spray-Foam Insulation] works because it's sprayed on the roof rafters, so it blocks out any air leakage. It seals so well that UV rays can't penetrate it, so it keeps the attic cooler, sort of like an air-conditioned room in the rest of the house." More

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