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Transdeck® Trailer Flooring

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engineeredto deliver the goods Transdeck trailer flooring is a wood based laminated panel product made from strong,dense,premium quality Douglas fir veneers.The veneers are bonded with waterproof phenolic adhesive and protected by moisture barrier coatings. Unlike plywood,Transdeck is specifically engineered for use as trailer flooring.The layers of veneer making up the panel are oriented to deliver maximum possible strength when the panel is installed perpendicular to cross member supports. Long trusted for high quality wood products,Ainsworth has served customers worldwide since 1952 and has been producing Transdeck since 1990 .When toughness,consistency and costefficiency are desired, Ainsworth Engineered Transdeck trailer flooring is the product of choice.Transdeck is specifically engineered for use as trailer flooring and to sustain rated cargo and forkliftloads. Ordinary hardwood decking is heavy,often inconsistentin quality,expensive to install and easily soaked. But Ainsworth Engineered Transdecktrailer flooring is designed and manufactured to deliver the precise qualities the transportation industry counts on ...and save money doing it. TECHNOLOGY FOR SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE
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