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Transdeck® Trailer Flooring

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Transdeck trailer flooring provides increased trailer rigidity,which can add years to a trailers life. specifications Installation just drop it in! Transdeck floor sections are supplied in standard dimensions suitable for mostcommon trailer geometries. Transdeck comes in a kitform with panels custom pre cutand profiled to match trailer design. Length is a multiple of cross member spacing up to a maximum of 97 inches ( 120 inches available with special order). For widths over 4 ft,sections are machined with a shiplap profile,promoting floor continuity and preventing differential deflection across the width of the trailer. No special tools are required. Pre drilled connecting plates are included with Transdeck in pre finished lengths. Connecting plates between individual adjoining sections establish the trailer floor as a rigid structural unitthatefficiently resists the in plane lateral forces and the out of plane loads typically imposed on a trailer during its working life. Availability easy to order Transdeck is available on new trailers from most manufacturers.To order,justspecify Transdeck trailer flooring atthe time of purchase. If you are redecking a trailer,you can call Ainsworth Lumber at 1 877 661 3200 to find the Transdeck distributor nearestyou or call the dealerlisted on the back page for more information. in most cases,your order can be filled within 72 hours! Specification of Transdeck The specifications for each trailer design and end use may vary.Flooring materials intended for the transportation industry may experience a wide variety of end use conditions.Please contactyour nearestTransdeck representative for recommendations regarding the Transdeck floor system bestsuited to your needs. Forklifttruck loading of Transdecktrailer flooring The following forkliftworking loads were developed for Transdeck from tests in accordance with the Truck Trailer Manufacturers Association ( usa ) specifications.Because Transdeck is an engineered wood product,ithas consistentand predictable strength properties. Working beyond the maximum load will cause productfailure. transdeckmaximummaximum cross member spacingpanel thicknessworking load (lbs)load (lbs) 12"1B/i"9,68416,140 1F/bg"12,56420,940 16"1B/i"7,87413,120 1F/bg"10,34617,240 18"1B/i"7,28012,130 1F/bg"9,62016,000 These tests were performed on inside frame platform trailers with 4 inch I beam cross members ( 3.2 lbs/ft 2 and 2B/c inch wide flange),using a forkliftwith 7 inch wide hard rubber tired wheels on a properly fastened Transdeck floor system. Standards Transdeck trailer flooring meets or exceeds the following national standards for manufacturing quality: Canada CSA O 121 M 1978 US PS 1 83 Structural 1 UK BS 5268 :Part 2: 1988 BS 6566 :Part 8: 1985 1 1Bond Type WBP (Weather & Boil Proof) Japan JAS Class II Spec Panel size of Transdeck maximum panel size is: 48D/i x 97 inches ( 1228 x 2464 mm) standard 48D/i x 120 inches ( 1228 x 3048 mm) available with special order standard thicknesses are: 1B/i inch ( 28.5 mm) 1F/bg inch ( 33.0 mm) Comparable weights of trailer flooring transdeckapitong panel thicknesslbs/ft2 (kg/m2)lbs/ft2 (kg/m2) 1B/i"3.34.8 (16)(23.4) 1F/bg"3.75.6 (18)(27.3)
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