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Andersen Casement and Awning Windows

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30 Created: 2008 Dec 16 Modified: 2008 Dec 16, 09:45 PM File name: 82266_15 34_R2.indd Standard Divided Light Patterns for Casement WindowsColonialModified Colonial* Prairie A Short Fractional* Tall Fractional* * Also available with a 2 14" grille to simulate a check rail.CR12 C12 CR125 C125 CN12 CW12 CN125 CW125CR13 C13 CR135 C135 CN13 CW13 CN135 CW135 CR14 C14 CR145 C145 CN14 CW14 CN145 CW145 CR15 C15 CR155 C155 CN15 CW15 CN155 CW155 CR16 C16 CN16 CW16 CX13 CXW13 CX135 CXW135 CX125 CX14 CXW14 CX145 CXW145 CX15 CXW15 CX155 CXW155 CX16 CXW16 Unit NumberStandard Divided Light Patterns for Awning WindowsColonialPrairie AAR21 AR251 AN21 AN251 A21 A251 AW21 AW251 AX251 AR281 AR31 AR351 AN281 AN31 AN351 A281 A31 A351 AW281 AW31 AW351 AP32V AP352V Unit Number Custom Pattern Examples Specified Equal Light Examples Specified equal light and custom patterns are also available. For more information on Andersen divided light, see page 5 or visit andersenwindows.com/grilles. DiamondAX281 AX31 AX351 AXW281 AXW31 AXW351 A335 A3535 DiamondCR145 CN145 C145 CW145 CR15 CN15 C15 CW15 CX145 CXW145 CX15 CXW15CX14 CXW14 AX41 AXW41 AX451AR41 AN41 A41 AW41 AR451 AN451CR155 CN155 C155 CW155 CR16 CN16 C16 CW16 CX155 CX155 CX16 CXW16 AX551 AXW551 AX61 AXW61 AR41 AR451 AN41 AN451 A41 A451 AW41 AW451 AX41 AX451 AXW41 AXW451 AP42V AR61 AN61 A61 AW61 AX61 AXW61 AR51 AR551 AN51 AN551 A51 A551 AW51 AW551 AX51 AX551 AXW51 AXW551 CR14 CN14 C14 CW14 AR551 AR61 AN551 AN61 A551 A61 AW551 AW61 D iamond grilles are available for 400 Series casement windows only and a re only available in Simulated Divided Light (SDL) and 34" and 78" widths. A451 AW451 AR51 AN51 A51 AW51AXW451 AX51 AXW51 CASEMENT & AWNING WINDo WS
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