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This category lists manufacturers, industry-related news, press releases, PDF catalogs and other documentation related to dishwashers. Dishwasher manufacturers listed in this category include: Amana; Bosch; Electrolux; Frigidaire; GE Appliances; Jenn-Air; Kenmore; KitchenAid; Maytag; Miele; Thermador; Viking; Whirlpool; Wolf Range and more.


From Our Editors

  • Dishwasher from Miele
  • Source: BUILDING PRODUCTS Magazine 7/6/2011
  • The G2872 is classified as a CEE Tier 1 dishwasher, exceeding current Energy Star standards. The appliance uses as little as 1.1 gallons of water in its eco programs and 4.96 gallons in normal wash programs. More
  • 800 Plus Dishwasher
  • Source: ECOHOME Magazine 11/7/2010
  • Large transparent chips in Hi-Macs Galaxy solid surfacing provide a shimmering effect reminiscent of space. The non-porous, Greenguard-certified surfacing comes in eight colors in 1/2-inch-thick sheets measuring 30 inches by 145 inches; custom lengths are available. More

From Our Manufacturers

  • GE's New Dishwasher - Steamy and Stylish
  • Source: ebuild 2/8/2011
  • Stuck-on food soils just met their match. GE's stylish and steamy Profileand GE lines now offer PureClean, self-cleaning, five-stage filtration, the most advanced wash system ever introduced by GE Appliances. More

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