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Retail Ceiling Guide

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2Position tiles.3Slide tiles into place.1Attach tracks with nails or screws.1Install wall molding.Suspend hanger wires and main beams.2Install cross tees.3Drop in ceiling panels.Easy Up Installation Kit Item #6352 Suspended Ceiling Installation Kits 2x2 Kit Item #6357 WH 2x4 Kit Item #6355 WH Installing Ceiling Tiles and Planks Armstrong ceiling tiles and planks can be installed directly to an existing ceiling.There are several installation methods available: Easy Up Ceiling Installation Kit Each kit contains all the materials youll need to install 40 square feet of ceiling tile or plank or one and a half 29 square foot car tons of W oodHavenLaminate Ceiling Planks.Installations using kits require 50 percent less nailing than furring strips. Installing 2x2 and 2x4 Ceiling Panels Its easy to install ceiling panels using Armstrong Suspended Ceiling Grid Kits.Each kit contains all the materials youll need to install 64 square feet of ceiling. Main beams,cross tees and wall moldings are also available individually. Adhesive Armstrong ceiling tiles can be cemented directly to an existing ceiling that is in good condition. Furring Strips Armstrong ceiling tiles can be stapled to kiln-dried wood furring strips placed in rows 12 apart. Installing WoodHaven Planks Our beautiful prefinished laminate planks install in a breeze.With specially designed installation clips and screws that are included right in the plank package, they install right to exposed joists or furring strips. It doesnt get much easier than that!
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