Reward Introduces NoricF4 Custom Metal ICF Frames for Door and Window Installation With ICF Construction

    June 24, 2009 -- Reward Wall Systems designed and created the NoricF4™ custom metal frames for doors and windows, to further enhance the building envelope required by commercial Insulating Concrete Form (ICF) construction.

    The NoricF4 is a pre-formed steel, 2-in-1 IFA that combines the buck and the frame in one system, which eliminates waste, speeds door or window installation time, and is customized to fit any specification.

    The NoricF4 is preassembled and welded to specifications from the buildings plans. It will incorporate drywall returns and an integrated continuous concrete anchor. The NoricF4 for doors also includes press in place weather-stripping and will be fully prepped for door hardware. The s NoricF4 for Windows can be fabricated with mullions and integral glazing stops, as well.

    "Reward Wall Systems is proud to be the first ICF company to offer an such a customizable steel ICF framing system, with such extensive features," said Kelvin Doerr, Reward's VP of Engineering and Technical Services, "This item will give the ICF industry a product that will make it easier and more cost effective to build commercial projects, while providing a durable and customized frame profile."

    Reward Introduces NoricF4™ Custom Metal ICF Frames for Door and Window Installation

    The NoricF4 reduces construction time by eliminating the buck assembly, squaring and stripping and reducing bracing and support, while providing the framing that can come ready to receive doors and windows of any manufacturer and of any size.

    The NoricF4 is designed and made to fit snugly around the EPS foam thickness of any ICF and the system reduces many of the contractor steps and facilitates other trades.

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