Novabrik - Mortarless Brick Technology for Residential Construction

    October, 2009 -- Now builders, remodelers, contractors and architects have a more cost-effective, long-lasting alternative to brick for home exteriors. Called Novabrik , this innovative, mortarless brick technology saves money on installation and never needs painting, prevents mold and won't warp, dent or fade.

    Developed by Novabrik International Inc., Montreal, Quebec, produced in the USA, this mortarless brick is warranted to last 50 years.

    Novabrik's 4-Inch Concrete Brick in Arlington Blend

    Novabrik's 4-Inch Concrete Brick in Arlington Blend

    "We are pleased that our durable, reliable and low-maintenance brick product is being so well-received in the American marketplace," says Simon Gauthier, president and chief executive officer, Novabrik. "As the only product of its kind, Novabrik is a snap to install, is the perfect siding solution for contractors and has more staying power than the more traditional home exterior options such as vinyl siding and stucco."

    Novabrik's high-strength concrete bricks overlap and interlock to create a strong, water-resistant brick veneer. Novabrik can be installed on wood and steel studs and concrete structures. Because the bricks hang on the wall, no brick ledge or steel support is necessary. This self-supporting property makes Novabrik a perfect product for homes currently sided with vinyl or aluminum siding.

    The installation cost of Novabrik is often 20 to 25 percent less than conventional masonry brick. Additionally, Novabrik can be installed year-round, even in freezing temperatures allowing for no additional installation costs during winter months, making Novabrik a perfect product for either new or remodeled homes. Check out the installation video here.

    More substantive than traditional brick, Novabrik can withstand the effects of severe weather, high winds and fire. Its special "rain-screen" design prevents water from penetrating the wall from the outside and the mortarless construction promotes air flow in the wall cavity, thus removing any moisture coming from the inside and helping to prevent mold decay.

    Novabrik is available in a split or smooth surface, nine different colors and 4-inch by 8-inch brik sizes. Custom colors are available as well. A complete line of accessories complements the Novabrik system including interior and exterior corners, window sills, wainscot caps and corner strips.

    Because Novabrik can be installed by contractors without masonry skills, the installed cost of the mortarless brick system is less than that of conventional brick walls. For details on the complete line of Novabrik and to locate the nearest dealer, visit

    About Novabrik International Inc.
    Founded in 1999 by Simon Gauthier, president and chief executive officer, Novabrik International Inc. is the patent holder and trademark owner of the Novabrik technology and is based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, with U.S. headquarters in Charlotte, N.C. Novabrik is patented in more than 50 countries and manufactured by regional producers including three producers in Canada, five producers in the U.S., one producer in the United Kingdom, one producer in the Czech Republic, one producer in South Korea and one producer in Japan. Currently, approximately 150 million units of Novabrik are installed in the U.S. and Canada. Novabrik is available through Lowe's as well as selected lumber yards and dealers across the U.S. For more information, visit