New Rockwell Versacut Saw: Lightweight, Nimble and Precise Cutting Tool

    January, 2010–Imagine a lightweight, portable saw that handles many of the cutting functions of a miter saw, table saw, circular saw and even a tile saw. Look no further than the new Rockwell VERSACUT™ Saw. This compact, one-handed version of a trim saw has the ability to make quick and precise cuts, even plunge cuts in a variety of materials, amazingly well.

    "It's a great free-hand saw – now add the optional Miter Station and the Guide Rail Track System and you have a precise cutting machine capable of duplicating the performance characteristics of an expensive plunge-cut track saw at a fraction of the cost," said Jeanne White, Rockwell's product manager.





    With a 3-3/8 in. diameter blade and a maximum depth of cut of 1-1/16-in., this versatile compact saw weighs only 3.3 lbs. VERSACUT blades are slightly larger than the palm of your hand, yet these blades make very fine cuts in wood, non-ferrous metals, such as copper and aluminum, fiberglass, plastic, sheet goods and ceramic tile.

    The VERSACUT's body has an ergonomic, concave midsection with an overmold comfort grip, which makes the tool ideal for one-handed operation. The motor is located at the rear of the tool to balance the cutting head for optimum control. A laser, with a separate on/off switch, is mounted on the tool's body and displays a needlepoint line to help guide the user through the cut.

    Rockwell VERSACUT Saw/Add One

    The saw also has plunge-cut indicators that show the exact position of the blade's point of entry. An easy-to-set depth-of-cut indicator raises and lowers the blade in 1/8 in. increments. The single-speed, 4-amp saw has a no-load speed of 3500 rpm. Its cast aluminum blade guard retracts as the blade enters the cut.

    VERSACUT accessories include a fast-cut carbide-tipped blade, two high-speed-steel blades, diamond tile cutting blade, no-mar base pads, parallel edge guide, V-groove for cutting pipe, miter arm insert, vacuum adapter and carrying bag.

    Rockwell also offers two special optional accessories including a Miter Station (#RW9246, $79.99) and a Guide Rail Track (#RW9234, $49.99) for accurate cross-cuts, angle cuts and ripping materials, including 4x8 plywood and other sheet goods.

    VERSACUT Miter Saw Base

    The new Rockwell VERSACUT Miter Station provides setup options for cutting all kinds of molding and trim and other work materials. It's designed exclusively for the Rockwell VERSACUT Saw with features typically found on most benchtop miter saws, such as the ability to make 90° crosscuts and a multitude of common miter and bevel cuts.

    The base includes a track saw guide that cradles the VERSACUT Saw for making precise cuts. Constructed of rugged composite material, the base dimensions are 12 in. x 36 in. when set up, but folds into a neat, easy to transport pack. The miter base makes miter cuts and 45⁰ bevels in any baseboard, trim or even tile onsite super- fast and accurate.

    And anyone will agree that carrying a 3.3-lb. VERSACUT Saw and 7-lb. miter base beats lugging a 40 lb.-plus miter saw to the job site.

    Rockwell VERSACUT Saw/Add Two

    Rockwell Guide Rail Track

    The Rockwell Guide Rail Track is another Rockwell VERSACUT Saw exclusive. The track is the perfect saw guide for making accurate cross-cuts, rip cuts or even plunge cuts in any material up to 1-1/16 in. thick. That includes all types of 4x8 sheet goods, plywood, wafer board or paneling, hardwood flooring, counter tops or cabinetry. It's the perfect companion for this precise little saw.

    The extruded aluminum guide includes two vice clamps and two clamp-down/fold-up measuring guides to lock-in the cut line. The Guide Rail Track measures 40 in. in length. To increase length, multiple tracks can be joined together to create a track of any length.

    The Rockwell VERSACUT Saw (#RK3438K, $149.99), Rockwell VERSACUT Miter Station (#RW9246, $79.99) and Rockwell Guide Rail Track (#RW9234, $49.99) are available at and other online Websites, including They also are expected to be available through various local retailers such as Menards and independent hardware stores and lumber yards in early spring 2010.

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