Tapco Tools Unveils the Tapco 50th Anniversary Brake

    January, 2011 -- Marking 50 years in the building industry in 2011, The Tapco Group® introduces the Tapco Integrated Tool Systems® 50th Anniversary Brake. The Tapco Group began its journey in 1961, when Tapco Products Company founder Walter "Windy" Marsh introduced the Port-O-Brake® - the first-ever portable brake for the aluminum siding market. The 50th Anniversary Brake features a dynamic design, both functionally and aesthetically, with its unique red, white and blue theme. The brake stays true to Tapco's roots with power, portability and patented innovation.

    Tapco Tools Brake


    The 50th Anniversary Brake showcases a new moving-hinge system that eliminates hinge wear and material scraping, with the hinge easily removable for cleaning and lubricating. The improved hinge geometry also allows easier bending. The dual-durometer urethane strip grips work pieces but is rigid where metal is pressed against the brake's anvil.

    The symmetrical locking bar is more robust, while the anvil has a smooth, grooveless design. The brake's ergonomic, efficient handle system allows handles to be positioned anywhere along the brake to suit the user, and handle plugs don't stick down to interfere with loading the brake on or off a truck. The 50th Anniversary Brake combines with Tapco Tools' versatile range of accessories, including the Tapco Stand and Cut-off tool. Bending capacity includes gutter coil and 16 oz. copper. Tapco Integrated Tool Systems is a division of The

    Tapco Group, a U.S Green Building Council member. For more information, visit www.tapcotools.com or call 800-521-7567.

    The Tapco Group is the building industry's leading provider of easy to install, premium innovative interior and exterior products. Serving the building industry since 1961, Tapco specializes in the manufacturing of stone veneer, roofing, siding, trim, tool systems, egress systems and siding components. The products combine versatile application, durability, vast color palettes and uncommon authenticity to exceed the expectations of contractors and homeowners. Tapco delivers Innovation Born from Original Thinking™.