Pro Review: Sealection 500 Spray-Foam Insulation by Demileca User Review by Marc Schwartz, Marena Development, Garland, Texas

    We used Sealection 500 spray-foam insulation in a remodel, where we took the old insulation out and sprayed the roof with the foam. The family really likes it because it helps to cool their house significantly better than regular insulation in the attic. It’s about three times the cost of regular insulation, but if you go into [the family’s] attic in the summertime, especially in the Texas heat here, you can definitely tell the difference between an attic that has spray foam and a regular attic. It’s probably 30 or 40 degrees cooler than a regular attic.

    And in the wintertime, they turned the heat off at 8:00 in the evening, and the home stayed so toasty they just slept with a sheet over them because it was just so comfortable.

    I think it works because it’s sprayed on the roof rafters, so it blocks out any air leakage. It seals so well that UV rays can’t penetrate it, so it keeps the attic cooler, sort of like an air-conditioned room in the rest of the house. It insulates every crevice of the roof, and I think it also strengthens it a little because it goes from rafter to rafter and tightens up the roofing system.

    It’s just an all-around better product; it’s pricey, but it’s worth the money and results. It does work, absolutely.

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