Inventive Interiors10 low-cost ways to bring high style to your new and remodeled homes

  • By Stacy Freed

"I have to tell people that these are not photos," says David Supple, owner of New England Design and Construction, in Boston. While many remodelers have been using 3-D imagery to help clients visualize their projects, Supple has found that the renderings produced in Auto­desk's 3ds Max (formerly 3D Studio Max) "are lifelike and have the best quality and resolution," he says. "There's a huge difference."


Part of Autodesk's suite of design software, 3ds Max allows designers to play with shape and scale, and to create animated walk-throughs, line-of-sight studies, and daylight analyses.

Nick Carroll

Supple doesn't need to own the software. He has freelance architectural rendering artist Nick Carroll, based in Los Angeles, develop the renderings using actual product specifications. By viewing Supple's CAD-created blueprints, Carroll takes a faucet, for example, finds what he calls its "base geometry" - i.e., "every polygon that has to be built to complete the 3-D model" - and creates "a sort of Hollywood scene," he says. "I don't build the inside of the walls, but I [create] everything you're going to see inside a room."

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