Introducing Formica Veneer Premium Wood Surfacing All-New Surfacing Collection Combines Real-Wood Warmth with the Ingenuity of Laminate

    CINCINNATI (June 1, 2006) - Wood--nature's true surface--is once again inspiring modern design and interiors. Now, with the introduction of its Veneer Premium Wood Surfacing Collection, Formica Corporation enables designers and consumers alike to create a nearly endless variety of natural wood environments, all with the fabrication ease of laminate and the beauty of wood.

    Each of the 30 new engineered-wood veneers evokes a unique combination of fine wood grain with beautiful color and polyurethane finish. Be it the light natural maple of Blond Fineline, the softened walnut brown of Mocha Striawood or the exotic candy-glazed red of Cordial Cherry Birdseye, all are derived from sustainable forestry practices and produced using fast-growth species including poplar, obeche, basswood and bamboo.

    "Formica Veneer offers the beauty of wood with more consistent quality and usability than conventional wood veneers," says René Hytry, senior vice president, global design for Formica. "Never before has the look of real wood and the versatility of laminate been available together in such a variety of styles, species and surface gloss."

    Formica Veneer - A Natural Feat of Engineering
    The engineered quality of Formica® Veneer Premium Wood Surfacing allows for an amazing variety of looks and feels, all with the natural appeal of real wood and wood grains. In addition, its laminate quality and consistent beauty outperforms most natural wood products. With a total of 30 distinct veneers, Formica Veneer is available in five striking Collections: Modern, Traditional, Metropolitan, New Classic and Exotic Veneers.

    Modern Veneers
    The Modern Collection, including its Fineline Series and Striawood Series, features Wax-finished straightgrain veneers ranging from very thin to a wider relaxed cord look. All are usable in any environment as feature furniture pieces or as a simple backsplash.

    The Fineline Series is composed of very thin architectural striations for a modern surface.
    -- Blonde Fineline - light natural maple color
    -- Pear Fineline - warm mid-tone color
    -- Koffe Fineline - dark brown wenge color

    The Striawood Series offers a more relaxed, naturalized straightgrain for many environments. -- Maple Striawood - light natural maple color
    -- Cherry Striawood - medium warm cherry color
    -- Rum Cherry Striawood - rich red-toned color
    -- Mocha Striawood - softened walnut brown color

    Traditional Veneers
    Timeless yet versatile, the Traditional Collection offers visually distinct wood structures stained in classic colors and finished in an elegant Gloss for furniture and cabinetry.
    -- Cathedral Maple - pale-colored flame cathedral layout
    -- Cathedral Birch - golden color with balanced, rounded cathedrals
    -- Cathedral Fruitwood - light cherry color with contrasting rounded cathedrals
    -- Cathedral Applewood - soft orange with narrow cathedrals and small birdseye knots
    -- Cathedral Cherry - classic cherry color with contrasting rounded cathedrals
    -- Cathedral Rum Cherry - traditional red cherry color with rounded cathedrals
    -- Grand Mahogany - traditional deep red color in a straightgrain layout

    Metropolitan Veneers
    Inspired by far-away places, the exotic Wax-finished straightgrains of the Metropolitan Collection offers trendy-chic inspiration for metropolitan and urban interiors everywhere.
    -- Zabri Wood - honey-toned straightgrain accented with black zebra stripes
    -- Island Teke - cinnamon-colored straightgrain teak accented with ebony striations
    -- Indian Ebony - golden ebony black warmed with taupe stripes

    New Classic Veneers
    In the New Classic Collection, classic wood layouts are updated, making a traditional look modern with a new low-sheen, hand-rubbed Wax finish.
    -- Authentic Oak - red oak in a conventional straightgrain popular for office furniture
    -- Cathedral Natural Cherry - flat-cut cherry with cathedral highlights of green and red
    -- Cathedral Oak - red oak with classic cathedrals
    -- Cathedral Walnut - rich dark brown with elegant narrow cathedrals

    Exotic Veneers
    Completing the Formica Veneer offering is the Exotic Collection, offering the look of rare fine woods from around the world. The Exotic Veneers are perfect for those seeking elegant veneers with unique structures and accents.

    The Birdseye Series designs are sprinkled with petite birdseye knots in a Gloss finish.
    -- Blond Birdseye - light, natural color
    -- Cordial Cherry Birdseye - candy-glazed red

    The Ribbonwood Series features a softly planked layout with a wavy frise structure, refined and elegant in a low-gloss Wax finish.
    -- Blond Ribbonwood - light, natural color
    -- Cherry Ribbonwood - cherry red with warm copper highlights

    The Tropical Series features real bamboo in a natural Wax finish to create elegant veneers for environmental interiors.
    -- Bombay Bamboo - traditional bamboo bleached natural with a wide horizontal cut
    -- Flaxen Bamboo - a light and natural modern bamboo with a thin vertical cut
    -- Wicker Bamboo - a darkened, carbonized bamboo, featuring a thin vertical layout

    The Fantasy Series represents graphic modern interpretations of wood in a low-gloss Wax finish.
    -- White Ice Tree - icy pale exotic fantasy wood with wavy linear accents of cocoa brown
    -- Colour Wood - fine stripes of bright yellow, green, blue, red and black combine in a harmonious color pattern

    About Formica Corporation
    Founded in 1913, Formica Corporation is a leading surfacing industry innovator that designs, manufactures and distributes a full range of surfacing products for commercial and residential applications. To request information on all Formica brand products, consumer and trade representatives should call 1-800-FORMICA (1-800-367-6422) or visit

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