Grace Construction Products Introduces Perma-Barrier VP

    CAMBRIDGE, MA, October 1, 2006 - Grace Construction Products has introduced the newest member of its Perm-A-Barrier family of air and vapor barrier products, Perm-A-Barrier® VP. Perm-A-Barrier® VP is a fluid-applied, acrylic air barrier membrane that provides continuous air tightness and water protection throughout the wall assembly, while allowing condensation-causing water vapor to escape.

    Perm-A-Barrier VP is designed for use in above grade wall assemblies and is suitable for new and remedial commercial and residential construction. By spraying it directly onto substrates, including damp-to-touch concrete and masonry surfaces, Perm-A-Barrier VP becomes part of the structural wall system. This simple application method requires minimal surface preparation and eliminates the need for fastener holes that can promote air and water penetration and increase the likelihood of mis-lapping or tearing.

    Once cured, Perm-A-Barrier VP forms a fully-adhered "breathable" membrane that allows the escape of water vapor, yet acts as a water drainage plane. These unique product characteristics offer designers increased flexibility when determining the positioning of the air barrier within the wall assembly.

    Perm-A-Barrier VP is versatile and easy to use at detailed areas such as internal and external corners, pipe penetrations and brick ties. It provides UV resistance and can be left exposed for up to six months before cladding is applied.

    Grace's addition of Perm-A-Barrier VP enhances the company's portfolio of advanced vapor permeable and impermeable air barriers, giving designers the opportunity to confidently specify a building envelope system from a single source. For more information about Grace's product line, customers can contact their local Grace representative or visit the web site at

    Contact: Erin M. Downing
    Grace Construction Products

    Ann Seamonds
    Seamonds & Company