Slate or Shake, Next-Generation Synthetics from DaVinci Outperform The Real ThingHigh-Tech Molds and Materials, Rainbow of Blended Colors Pass "Authentic-Look" Test.

    KANSAS CITY, KS, November 13, 2006 - The benefits of synthetic slate and shake shingles have been quietly creeping into the lexicon of contactors, architects and builders for a few years now - the lower life cycle costs, reduced hassle and durability are hard to deny. But one argument could always be won by traditionalists: "Tough and smart, yes," they'd say, "but it doesn't compare to natural material for realistic look and beauty."

    That perception is being refuted by a new generation of high-quality, engineered polymer products from DaVinci Roofscapes of Kansas City. DaVinci has developed a host of carefully controlled mixtures, molds, processes and colorization - creating "faux" roofing shingles that are making experts squint to detect any difference. Noted architect and designer Russell Versaci exclaims, "DaVinci slate replicates the thickness, texture and color range of quarried slate. They look like the real thing, but are one-third the weight. This is the first synthetic slate that passes for authentic." (New Old House, Fall 2006)

    DaVinci shake shingles are receiving similar acclaim. When the immensely popular TV show Extreme Makeover Home Edition wanted a first rate roof for their project in Wichita, local roofing contractor Mark Eaton recommended DaVinci Shake because, "It is without a doubt the best product available." (ABC, January 8, 2006)

    So, what's the secret to this new age of realism in high-tech roofing? "We spend a lot of time sweating the details," says DaVinci founder and Chairman John Humphreys, a Harvard graduate who has devoted his entire professional life to the art and science of manufacturing shingles - first at his parents' asphalt roofing manufacturing business, and now at DaVinci Roofscapes. "Our goal has always been to make the very best products, not the cheapest or trendiest. After years spent perfecting our new slate and shake shingles, we have created a superior product that can go head-to-head with any natural material, and win."

    The details that Humphreys and DaVinci will disclose include the use of top-quality ingredients to ensure consistency - 100% pure polymer resins (never recycled "mystery" blends) that are engineered, specially formulated and blended with fire retardants and state-of-the-art UV stabilizers. But evidence of quality can be seen easily even with the naked eye - uncannily natural, deep-grained surfaces with realistic wavy and straight grains throughout each shake shingle just like natural rough hewn cedar. Likewise, DaVinci Slate will convert the toughest critic with its thick profile, authentic rough edges and stone-like surface textures. DaVinci distances itself from competitors by offering industry-leading thickness, 1/2-inch slate and 5/8-inch shake, more than twice the thickness of most others.

    All that means that DaVinci shingles resist curling, remain flexible and are exceptionally durable. They are engineered to perform in climates with severe freeze-thaw cycles, high winds and almost any weather conditions that Mother Nature can dish out.

    Multiple Widths, Realistic Color Blends Are Key
    DaVinci's manufacturing processes, many proprietary, were painstakingly developed. They accurately replicate the real look of traditional materials and match the subtle color variations found in nature. They are color-through, infused with DaVinci's unique UV stabilizers, so they will resist fading. DaVinci offers the industry's widest variety of off-the-shelf slate color blends - 19 earth-tone colors and seven traditional blends in addition to solid gray and black. They can customize blends to suit individual tastes, or even match or create an entirely new color. Their shake shingles are available in four standard wood-tone blends with multiple shades per blend for a natural look and authentic appearance every season of the year.

    To ensure its colors are the longest-lasting of any faux competitor, DaVinci is introducing the patentpending Colorsafe™ protection system with Kynar™. DaVinci president and CEO Raymond Rosewall says, "Our virgin polymers, with UV protection embedded throughout the shingle, by themselves provide the best color-fastness in the industry. However, to provide the extra-assurance of enduring color that homeowners rightfully expect, DaVinci is the first in the industry to offer Kynar with our products. DaVinci's proprietary Colorsafe protection system with Kynar incorporates the latest, state-of-the-art 'antiaging' polymers. This further widens the long-term advantage over our closest competitors."

    DaVinci makes a unique effort to deliver the shingles bundled in such a manner that they are easily installed, ensuring a "random" look. To stay true to Mother Nature, both DaVinci Slate and DaVinci Shake shingles come in a standard mix of five widths, pre-collated at the factory, creating a non-repeating, distinctive and varied pattern every time. Roofers can even finish gable ends without cutting. This means there's no guesswork on the jobsite - experienced installers can simply unpack a bundle and go to work. With the boundary of "realism" convincingly crossed, DaVinci has freed contractors, architects and homeowners to reconsider the many other advantages of faux slate and shake shingles. Topping that list are numerous and substantial cost savings - at purchase, during installation and over the entire lifespan of a roof. Planning and installations are fast and worry-free, saving time and money on design, framing, labor and surprises, with virtually no wasted materials. The bottom line: homeowners can save at least half the installed cost of quarried slate or rough-hewn cedar over the life of the roof. Then there is the maintenancefreedom. Shingles don't curl, fade or crack. There's no treating required and no termites, silverfish or mold to eradicate. They won't absorb water, so there are no freeze or thaw issues. For total security, DaVinci shingles have a strong 50-year warranty.

    The advantages aren't just monetary. DaVinci Slate and Shake offer advanced home safety and durability too, including the highest UL fire rating (Class A), the highest UL impact rating (Class 4), and among the highest ratings for wind resistance (90 mph for shake and 110 mph for slate). Actually, these can save homeowners money too - on insurance premiums. "When you look at the cost and performance our shingles offer," says Rosewall, "it's very hard to deny the value."

    About DaVinci - DaVinci Roofscapes, based in Kansas City, Kansas, has been manufacturing award-winning synthetic slate and shake roofing since 1999. Founder and Chairman John Humphreys has devoted his entire professional life to manufacturing shingles. DaVinci's revolutionary polymer shingles offer homeowners and contractors the authentic colors and natural textures of quarried slate or rough-hewn cedar shake. They are virtually maintenance free and far more cost effective than the natural product. DaVinci leads the industry in shingle thickness, the widest variety of widths and the greatest variety of subtle earth-tone colors. DaVinci's proprietary Colorsafe™ protection system with Kynar™ is the best in the industry. Factory pre-collated blends assure a distinctive look every time, as well as fast, worry free installation, with no special labor, framing or materials required. For more information about DaVinci's family of products, call 1-800-328-4624 or visit

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