Boise Cascade Introduces BC Framer 6.3 Integrated Framing Software

    Boise, Idaho - Boise Engineered Wood Products announces the February 2007 availability of BC Framer 6.3, the newest version of Boise's highly-successful BC Framer® integrated floor framing design software. BC Framer 6.3 simplifies the process of framing homes and helps reduce material bills, cycle time, and labor hours for homebuilders. BC Framer 6.3 is the starting point for an ever-increasing suite of value-added services that Boise and its dealers can now provide to builders to help them use less material in their homes, reduce waste and disposal fees, cut cycle time and build more profitably in 2007.

    Builders today need to be able to choose from among many options, and BC Framer was engineered for this task

    Builders today need to be able to choose from among many options

    Boise's new value-added services are designed to make homebuilding a more precise science and even to pre-cut framing members if desired by the builder so the home goes together faster. BC Framer 6.3 can specify the precise length of all framing members to 1/16" and either provide a precise cut list, or download the list to a SawTek automated cutting system for faster, safer and more accurate cutting. SawTek peripherals can also pre-cut the holes for mechanical and other utilities to speed the installation of HVAC, plumbing and electrical lines. An auxiliary inkjet marker can mark all framing pieces with their tract and lot number, their placement in the structure, and other information as desired.

    BC Framer has the ability to create a squaring diagram so the foundation and framing are perfectly square and plumb, making subcontractors' tasks easier throughout construction. A color-coded framing placement plan enables correct framing even if the framers are less skilled or aren't fluent in English. The placement plan also contains a bill of materials, a list of connectors required for the job, design loads, detail drawings, and 3D views to aid in understanding the plan.

    "BC Framer can be productive for virtually any builder", said Denny Huston, sales & marketing manager for Boise Engineered Wood Products. "This important service is available to every builder in America through our dealers and distributors coast to coast, and can help builders improve their profitability and competitiveness in their marketplace," Huston added.

    BC Framer makes it easier to design framing systems tailored to the builder's business objectives for each project. A designer can quickly adapt the same basic floor plan to projects with different price points - an entry-level structure that meets code requirements most economically, or a structure that meets the higher load/rigidity requirements of stone or tile floors typically found in more upscale projects.

    BC Framer 6.3 enables design parameters to be varied in different rooms of the same home to reduce costs in less demanding scenarios, but add strength under floors taking higher loads. Another important benefit of BC Framer is its speed and ease of use, enabling designers to quickly experiment with different combinations of strength and cost. "Builders today need to be able to choose from among many options, and BC Framer was engineered for this task," said Matt Prince,

    Boise Engineered Wood Products software manager. "BC Framer lets users look at a screen, quickly punch in various product options, and choose the best combination of strength and cost for each situation," Prince added.

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