Quicker, Easier, More Reliable: JELD-WEN Advances Vinyl Window Technology

    ORLANDO, Fla. - JELD-WEN, the world's leading manufacturer of windows and doors, is making vinyl window installation easier and more reliable for the construction industry, thanks to an innovative new process and material advancements.

    Photo courtesy of JELD-WEN

    The new JELD-WEN one-piece sill drain mat saves time and money.

    The new JELD-WEN® vinyl window installation method called TegraTite includes:

    * Material advancements - JELD-WEN has introduced a one-piece sill drain mat that installs under the window on the rough opening, directing any incidental water away from the wall. The drain mat is made from flexible, non-woven material with a sloped, closed-cell foam back dam to block water. The mat is backed with butyl-based adhesive for superior performance. The company also now offers flashing tape with butyl that adheres well and provides superior performance in extreme weather conditions. The drain mat fits over the rough opening and directs any water away from the wall, keeping it dry. The adhesive flashing tape provides tighter, more energy efficient installation.

    * Streamlined process - The new JELD-WEN one-piece sill drain mat saves time and money. It replaces the flashing at the sill, the continuous shim and the drain screen. The sill drain mat can be installed in all types of weather, eliminating work delays due to weather conditions. And because the flexible drain mat is adjustable for all vinyl window jamb depths, one size fits all products.

    * Reliable performance - The JELD-WEN sill drain mat offers a number of performance advantages. Because it is one continuous piece, it has no joints for water to penetrate. The flexible, nonporous material will not crack or break. The strong butyl flashing tape performs better in harsh weather conditions and is more compatible with other installation materials, such as sealants.

    "These installation improvements set new standards in window installation and are a major benefit for the construction industry," said Brian Hedlund, product marketing manager for JELD-WEN windows. "We see the value of staying ahead of industry trends and requirements, and this exceptional water management system delivers on reliability."

    Detailed installation instructions are available on the JELD-WEN Web site. Step-by-step instructions, including a DVD and product samples, are available through the JELD-WEN dealer network and the company also offers service provider training meetings.

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    Darcie Meihoff