MVP Award Winner: Cimarron Comfort Height Toiletby Kohler

  • Source: BUILDING PRODUCTS Magazine
  • Publication date: 2007-06-13
Kohler Cimarron Comfort Height Toilet

Cimarron Comfort Height Toilet

Kohler. There's something ironic about installing a water-saving toilet and wasting water in the process. But that's not a problem with the Cimarron Comfort Height toilet with Class Five EcoSmart Technology, which is designed to install quickly without leaking water. The DryLock installation system uses a metal bracket plate on the bottom of the exterior of the tank; two bolts slide into the plate rather than sticking through the tank. The tank is then set on the toilet and fastened with a socket wrench. 'Installation time is cut by one-third with the DryLock system,' one judge noted. Best of all, with EcoSmart technology, the toilet uses only 1.28 gallons per flush, qualifying it for EPA WaterSense's High Efficiency Toilet criteria. Cost: $338.

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