DECRA Celebrates Fifty Years of Success

    October 2007 - (Corona, California) - 2007 marks the 50th anniversary of DECRA Stone Coated Steel Roofing. DECRA's beginnings date back to 1957. Originating in New Zealand, DECRA is the original stone-coated steel roofing system.

    In 1957, DECRA began with the introduction of DECRA Tile. Today, with four additional profiles, and a variety of colors, DECRA products offer a solution to many roofing challenges. In 1970, the product was introduced into North America as a lightweight, non-combustible alternative to replace or re-roof over wood shake or asphalt shingles. Now half a century later, DECRA products have a long-standing reputation for performance, longevity, and versatility. Proven worldwide for nearly 50 years, the DECRA's success comes from the strong support of dedicated employees and a network of DECRA regional managers throughout North America.


    DECRA Celebrates Fifty Years of Success

    "DECRA's employees have exhibited a strong desire for our company's success," stated Bo Hudson, President and CEO. "This positive attitude is responsible for the products' tremendous growth over the years."

    Today DECRA is manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility that is unique style of their stone coated steel roofing, offered in four different profiles; Tile, Shake, Shingle, and Shingle Plus. Rregistered to a world wide standard ofby UL to ISO-9001: 2000. DECRA toOffering provide artistic designs and to meet almost every architectural style and the engineering experience to offer products that and withstandvarious styles to create a product that withstands some of the harshest climates worldwide, DECRA has become a popular choice for commercial and residential projects.

    Backed by a 50-year warranty, including a 120-mph wind warranty and hail penetration, DECRA remains committed to making products that last and offer quality assurance to its customers.

    Melinda Raback
    HJE Marketing