Eldorado Stone Instrumental in Formation of the Masonry Veneer Manufacturer's Association (MVMA)

    (SAN MARCOS, CA -- JUNE 21, 2006) - Creating a "unified" national voice and working to help advance the rapidly growing industry of masonry veneer manufacturing are two important reasons Eldorado Stone saw the value in becoming a charter member of the newly formed Masonry Veneer Manufacturer's Association (MVMA).

    The association officially began operation April 1, 2006. MVMA was created to represent manufacturers and suppliers of manufactured stone and brick veneer products. The mission of the organization is, "To advance the growth of the manufactured masonry veneer products industry through proactive technical, advocacy, and awareness efforts."


    Eldorado Stone

    Brenda Harris at Eldorado played a role in the establishment of the MVMA. Harris was named chairperson of the recently formed ASTM C-15-90 sub-committee on Adhered Manufactured Stone Masonry Veneer. This committee will work closely with the MVMA to create workable product specifications and installation guidelines for the industry. At the same time, Aaron Case of Eldorado Stone and Chris Hines at Cultured Stone were named co-chairs of the Technical Codes and Standards Committee for the association. Part of this committee's work is to create "standards" guides for installation and product performance with the appropriate criteria, and work with code development organizations and product acceptance groups to provide the best technical information on the masonry veneer products in the marketplace.

    "Eldorado's participation and leadership role in this association and what we're trying to accomplish by working together, not only benefits the industry, but all of us at Eldorado," Harris says. "Creating industry wide standards and raising the bar regarding quality and customer expectations shows that we care enough about what we do and our products to put them to the test, so to speak, in front of organizations like the ICC-ES, a nation-wide building industry code development organization. One of our objectives is to establish relationships with national organizations such as the NAHB, the Green Building Council, LEED, AIA, ASLA and CSI. For the first time, the industry as a whole will have representation in the major codes and standards organizations. This will help us advance the acceptance of manufactured veneer products and ultimately, the future sales of Eldorado Stone."

    MVMA is headquartered in Washington, D.C. Russell K. Snyder has been named Executive Director. Charter members include: Boulder Creek Stone Products, Coronado Products, Cultured Stone® and Dutch Quality Stone, Inc. For more information about MVMA, contact Mr. Snyder at 202-785-3232.