Brizo Introduces State of the Art Shower SystemVesi Custom Shower System Features Revolutionary H20kinetic Technology

    April, 2009 -- The new Vesi™ Custom Shower System from Brizo® will help enhance the time people spend in the shower due to the new H20kinetic Technologyan innovation that provides greater control over the showering experience by managing the water droplet size and velocity, spray coverage and thermal dynamics. Its water conserving properties deliver a high-flow showering experience from only a medium-flow water supply.

    "We conducted a lot of research on habits of homeowners in the shower and learned that Americans are increasingly looking away from the whirlpool baths and more towards having an enhanced shower experience every day," said Charlie McTargett, vice president, research and development, Brizo. "Since Brizo customers likely use cutting-edge technology throughout their high-end homes, it was only natural to offer homeowners similar technology which lets them create a luxurious shower environment."

    Brizo's Vesi Collection Custom Shower System

    Brizo's Vesi Collection Custom Shower System

    Consumer Research
    Brizo conducted extensive research on the likes and dislikes of their customers in an effort to create a shower system that reflects what consumers want most. Results indicated that most consumers want more water coverage in the shower, preferring a large volume of water at medium to high force. Preferences ranged from a shower experience with multiple spray heads that provided increased water coverage, additional warmth and water spraying from several directions to the use of one large showerhead that provided a large volume of forceful water.

    State of the Art Technology
    Because of the unique way that H20kinetic Technology shapes and affects the water it delivers, the user's shower experience is greatly enhanced. The patented technology controls the movement of water without moving parts within the body sprays – also eliminating the risk of malfunction. A variety of elements are impacted to create a more comfortable and consistent experience:

    • Droplet Size: Larger droplets provide more water coverage, creating a more saturating, drenching sensation
    • Droplet Velocity: Droplets are delivered at a higher velocity for a more relaxing, massaging experience
    • Spray Coverage: A dense spray pattern also provides more complete water coverage, enveloping the user in a blanket of water and warmth
    • Thermal Dynamics: Larger droplets maintain a more uniform temperature as they travel away from the showerhead

    Water Conservation
    For users desiring a high-flow showering experience, the Vesi Custom Shower System delivers 1.6 gallons of water per minute (gpm) that actually feel like 2.5 gpm. End-users get the water conservation advantages of a medium-flow system without sacrificing the high-flow shower experience. Consumers also benefit because the medium-flow system does not require a larger water heater, larger supply lines or a bigger drain to support it.

    Custom Experience
    The Vesi Custom Shower System also features a multi-function showerhead and hand-held shower. In addition, the six-position diverter offers users three individual or three shared positions enabling the homeowner to control the outlets in various combinations.

    "With all of these options, homeowners can customize their shower to reflect their preferences while saving the environment at the same time," said McTargett.

    Style and Convenience
    The Vesi Custom Shower System will fit perfectly with any bath décor as a key feature of the Vesi Collection is its transitional style, providing a design that is sure to never go out of style.

    "The Vesi design was inspired by the retro square design theme of the 20s and 30s and combines classic sleek lines to create a touch of elegance," said Judd Lord, director of industrial design, Brizo.

    With finish options of Polished Chrome, Brilliance® Brass, Brilliance® Brushed Nickel and the new Brilliance® Brushed Bronze, which offers a warmer alternative to stainless, homeowners from either end of the style spectrum will be able to incorporate the Vesi in to their bath décor.

    About Brizo
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