9 Cutting-Edge Products for Your New and Remodeled Homes

  • By EcoHome staff
  • Source: ECOHOME Magazine
  • Publication date: 2011-10-25

The 2011 Greenbuild Conference & Expo kicks off this week in Toronto and as in years past, manufacturers will showcase a range of sustainable selections for both commercial and residential projects. Click on the slide show to see nine of the most interesting introductions for homes, including recycled slate-look roofing and an ultra-water-efficient toilet.

Charlotte Pipe and Foundry. ReUze new CPVC water piping system provides a practical, easy-to-install system for non-potable water uses inside residential buildings, a technology that can contribute up to 10 LEED points. The purple-colored pipe is marked with two lines of type clearly identifying the contents as non-potable water to ensure that water lines fit for human consumption are not crossed with non-potable water lines. www.charlottepipe.com.

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