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DuPont™ SentryGlas® Plus

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6 7 DuPont SentryGlas Plus is changing the way glass performsAvailable From Leading Laminators And Glazing System Installers Glass laminators familiar with the manufacture of high-performance glass are available worldwide to meet the needs of architects and system designers specifying DuPont SentryGlas Plus. Laminating procedures for SentryGlas Plus are similar to those for more conventional materials. Differences in handling and processing of SentryGlas Plus relate mainly to its supplied form (cut sheets instead of wound rolls) and the fact that SentryGlas Plus doesnt need refrigerated storage. SentryGlas Plus can be laminated using existing manufacturing lines and equipment. Typical Physical Properties of DuPont TM SentryGlas Plus Interlayer Property Units Metric (English) Value ASTM Test Youngs Modulus MPa (kpsi) 300 (43.5) D5026 Tensile Strength MPa (kpsi) 34.5 (5.0) D638 Elongation % 400 D638 Density g/cm 3 (lb/in 3 ) 0.95 (0.0343) D792 Flex Modulus 23C (78F) MPa (kpsi) 345 (50) D790 Heat Defl ection Temperature at 0.46 MPa C (F) 43 (110) D648 Coeffi cient of Thermal Expansion (20C to 32C) 1015 x 10 5 /C D696 SentryGlas Plus Installation: Hospital, Florida SentryGlas Plus Installation: Courthouse, Arizona
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