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Stair Lifts
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From Our Editors

  • Portable Personal Lifts from Reechcraft
  • Source: BUILDING PRODUCTS Magazine 11/29/2011
  • PowerLift is a lightweight, portable personnel lift that makes the challenge of transporting the lift to, from, and around the jobsite easier. More
  • Volant Elevators
  • Source: BUILDING PRODUCTS Magazine 11/14/2008
  • Volant elevators use gearless motors, affording users a quiet, smooth, and stable ride, according to the manufacturer. The elevators do not require hydraulic fluid or a machine room. They come in three standard sizes and a variety of custom options. Wall panels are available in melamine, wood veneer, or wood panels with inset or solid hardwood raised panels. 800-925-3100. More

From Our Manufacturers

  • A/C model adds more options to the Citia line
  • Source: ebuild 1/30/2007
  • ThyssenKrupp Access revolutionized the stairlift industry with the battery operated Citia (the Citia BOS). This year ThyssenKrupp Access ups the ante with the Citia A/C. The Citia A/C plugs right into the wall, eliminating the use of batteries altogether. This brings peace of mind to people who have been worried in the past about the maintenance of having to change a rechargeable battery every few years. More

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