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From Our Editors

  • Rotating Showerheads from Speakman
  • Source: BUILDING PRODUCTS Magazine 11/17/2011
  • The Anystream Caspian family of showerheads features a contemporary design coupled with a powerful spray technology. More

From Our Manufacturers

  • Luxury's at Your Fingertips With The Innovativeand Indulgent ioDIGITAL System From Moen
  • Source: ebuild 1/21/2011
  • From U2 to Frank Sinatra your iPod has your favorite songs personalized the way you choose, to meet your every musical desire. Your laptop? Calls up your preferred websites with the touch of a button. And your Google page? Pulls up your calendar - by day, month, year however you choose. There's no doubt we're living in a digital world - but one that we can easily customize to fit our every desire. More
  • Moen Method Collection for the Modern Bath
  • Source: ebuild 1/20/2011
  • Bring dated bathroom decor into the 21st century with the new, thoughtfully designed Method collection from Moen Incorporated. Blending clean lines with soft curves, the Method suite instantly gives any bath a sophisticated, modern appearance. And the benefits of the Method collection extend well beyond style. More

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