Indoor Electric Fireplaces

    Indoor Electric Fireplaces

    Indoor Electric Fireplaces

    Indoor Electric Fireplaces offer a clean, aesthetically pleasing amenity. Most models feature visible flames that closely resemble traditional woodburning fireplaces, and some provide supplemental heat for rooms in which they're installed. The Electric Fireplaces category on ebuild lists manufactured fireplaces for indoor applications that operate on electricity.

    Use the ebuild Specifier to narrow down your search and find an indoor electric fireplace that fits your project requirements. You may choose fireplaces from listed manufacturers, including:

    You may also select values for key specifications to narrow your choices among available electric fireplaces:

    Nominal Width, Front Opening expresses a standard size classification representing the width of the viewing area (i.e., front opening) of a fireplace.

    A selection in Design Type will narrow search results by the installation configuration and number of viewable sides of a desired fireplace unit.

    Selecting a Heater Rated electric fireplaces will narrow search results to show models with the ability to be used for space heating.

    Heating Method refers to the way heat from the fireplace is distributed throughout the surrounding area, e.g., radiant heat transfer, heat circulation.

    Volts indicate the specifications for the rate at which energy is drawn from a source that produces a flow of electricity in a circuit, expressed in volts (V).