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From Our Editors

  • Dream Machine
  • Source: CUSTOM HOME Magazine 1/9/2011
  • Remote-controlled and out of sight, the Dream Machine lift slides a television from beneath the bed and into viewing position in seconds, according to the manufacturer. The lift requires no assembly and can hold televisions weighing up to 120 pounds. More
  • Wireless Appliance Manager
  • Source: ECOHOME Magazine 7/14/2010
  • Available later this year the Advanced Wireless Appliance Manager monitors realtime costs power consumption and carbon emissions for up to eight electrical appliances. Remote sensors plug into any outlet and communicate consumption data to the base unit shown. Features include a user-defined cost rate alarm and a programmable timer to control socket power. More

From Our Manufacturers

  • GE's Nucleus Energy Manager is Consumer's Gateway to Smarter Energy Choices
  • Source: ebuild 2/8/2011
  • GE's Nucleus energy manager with Brillion technology is an affordable, innovative communication and data storage device that provides consumers with secure information about their total household electricity use and estimated costs so they can make more informed choices about how and when to use power. More

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