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TimberStrand Microllam and Parallam Beams, Headers, and Columns Specifier's Guide

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iLevel Trus Joist Beam, Header, and Column Specifiers Guide TJ-9000 July 2008 ALL IN ONE Why Choose iLevel Trus Joist Beams, Columns, and Headers? Dependable performance Consistent quality and dependable uniformity Flexible solutions for your beam and header needs 2 Design Properties 45 Sizing Tables Window and Door Headers 67 Headers Supporting Roof 89 Ridge Beams 1011 Headers Supporting Floor and Roof 1213 Floor Beams 1415 Floor Load Tables TimberStrand LSL 1617 Microllam LVL 1819 Parallam PSL 2021 Snow Roof Load Tables TimberStrand LSL 2223 Microllam LVL 2425 Parallam PSL 2627 Non-Snow Roof Load Tables TimberStrand LSL 2829 Microllam LVL 3031 Parallam PSL 3233 Beam Details 34 Window and Door Header Details 3435 Allowable Holes 36 Bearing Length Requirements 36 Tapered End Cuts 37 Multiple-Member Connections 3839 Framing Connectors 4041 Columns 4243 Product Warranty 44 TABLE OF CONTENTSWELCOME TO iLEVELiLevel is an exciting new brand and business within Weyerhaeuser. iLevel brings the most innovative and trusted products for residential construction together under one roof. Within iLevel, youll still find all the reliable, brand-name building products that youve been usingTrus Joist engineered wood products and design software, Structurwood engineered panels, Performance Tested lumber, and more. But with iLevel, youll work with only one service- oriented supplier to get all of these products and the support you need to build smarter. iLevel. A family of brand-name building productsa source for innovative ideas and solutionsa supplier thats simpler to do business with. Using advanced technology, iLevel manufactures engineered lumber that is consistently straight and strong, and that resists bowing, twisting, and shrinking. That means less waste, easier installation, and higher design values for starters; plus fewer callbacks, shorter cycle times, more design flexibility, and lower overall installed cost in the end. iLevel Trus Joist TimberStrand LSL, Microllam LVL, and Parallam PSL are structural solutions you can count onguaranteed. ABOUT THIS GUIDE The products in this guide are readily available through our nationwide network of distributors and dealers. The applications provided in this guide are primarily intended for use in single-family dwellings. For information on using these products in multi-family dwellings, contact your iLevel representative. For more information on any iLevel product, please call 1-888-453-8358.
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