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Building Insulation--Radiant Barriers, Rolls
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From Our Editors

  • M-Shield Reflective Insulation
  • Source: BUILDER Magazine 11/7/2007
  • Designed for furred-out masonry walls, M-Shield is a paperless multilayer reflective insulation that reduces the potential for mold and mildew growth by eliminating the cellulose in the insulation. The company says the Class A firerated product also breathes to allow vapor transfer. Cost: 30 percent less than foam board. 800-448-3401. More

From Our Manufacturers

  • Typar Firm Partners With Leading Rainscreen Manufacturer, Benjamin Obdyke, to Co-Market Combination Rainscreen -Weather Resistant Barrier Products
  • Source: ebuild 8/9/2010
  • Benjamin Obdyke Incorporated, a leading rainscreen manufacturer, has entered into a distribution agreement with Fiberweb, Inc., manufacturer of Typar HouseWrap. Per the terms of the agreement which took effect July 15, Fiberweb now markets and sells two Benjamin Obdyke products that feature the patented Home Slicker matrix technology bonded to Typar HouseWrap. Recognized Typar distributors are able to order these products along with the other Typar products from Typar's Old Hickory, TN facility. The strategic move further enhances Typar's weatherization products offering to the construction market. More

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