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Building Insulation--Spray Foam
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From Our Editors

  • Pro Review: Sealection 500 Spray-Foam Insulation by Demilec
  • Source: ebuild Exclusive 7/19/2011
  • I think [Demilec Spray-Foam Insulation] works because it's sprayed on the roof rafters, so it blocks out any air leakage. It seals so well that UV rays can't penetrate it, so it keeps the attic cooler, sort of like an air-conditioned room in the rest of the house. More

From Our Manufacturers

  • Benjamin Obdyke Incorporated Introduces Gap Guard Expandable Foam Sealant
  • Source: ebuild 3/17/2009
  • Benjamin Obdyke Incorporated, manufacturer of residential roof and wall products, introduces Gap Guard, a low pressure, closed cell expandable foam sealant for windows and doors that minimizes air and moisture infiltration in the building envelope, helping prevent the growth of mold and optimizing energy efficiency. More
  • Icynene wins First Place for Innovation
  • Source: ebuild 8/15/2007
  • Icynene Inc. recently picked up another first place award, this time as the recipient of the 2007 Innovation Award in the Spray Foam Insulation category. Home Builder Executive honors manufacturers for unique products, designs, and features brought to the market. This year's award winners were published in the April 30, 2007 issue of Home Builder Executive magazine. A bi-weekly trade publication, Home Builder Executive contains timely industry news stories, in-depth executive interviews, and special category features. More

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