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From Our Editors

  • HFC-blown WallFoam 184 BIO Insulation
  • Source: BUILDER Online 8/3/2010
  • HFC-blown WallFoam 184 BIO spray-foam insulation is derived from naturally renewable oils, post-consumer recycled plastics, and pre-consumer recycled materials. The Class I fire-rated foam offers an average R-value of 6.2 per inch, the firm says, and can reduce a home's carbon footprint by up to 13% a year, the company claims. Gaco Western. 877.699.4226. More
  • Cold-Weather Spray Foam
  • Source: BUILDING PRODUCTS Magazine 4/5/2010
  • Cold-weather spray foam for the Thermax wall system cures fast at temperatures as low as 30 degrees F, says the company, extending the work season and ensuring a consistent thickness. The Thermax system for steel-frame construction replaces batts with 1.5 inches of foam to provide a continuous insulation barrier and prevent thermal bridging through the studs. 866-583-2583. More

From Our Manufacturers

  • Weatherize Your Home with Touch 'n Seal Insulating Foam Sealants
  • Source: ebuild 8/2/2010
  • It's common knowledge that air leaks from drafty windows and gaps and cracks around the house can cause even a well-insulated home's energy bills to soar. All year long, a leaky house wastes energy and creates an often uncomfortable living environment. More
  • Protecto Wrap Reduces Floor Noise with their Complete Line of Whisper Mat High Performance Underlayments
  • Source: ebuild 5/10/2007
  • Protecto Wrap Company, a leading manufacturer of flooring membranes, proudly introduces their Whisper Mat product line of high performance underlayments for effective sound control, crack suppression and moisture resistance. Professional flooring installers demand a crack isolation membrane designed to protect against sub-floor movement up to 1/4" to protect their Customer's flooring investment--as well as their own reputation. But something many professionals overlook is the concern about reducing sound transmission through hard flooring surfaces. Eliminating noise problems in multi-story construction is another sign of a quality installation, and a feature that owners, whether residential or commercial, will appreciate. More

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