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From Our Editors

  • Building Products Top 100: Deck Water Diversion System
  • Source: BUILDING PRODUCTS Magazine 7/25/2007
  • Dek Drain Underside Water Diversion SystemDek Drain. Constructed from a pliable commercial rubber membrane in black or white, this water diversion system captures rain water that drips through the deck surface and directs it toward the gutter system for drainage. Top-side products are used for new construction, while the Dek Drain Underside system is designed for existing decks and is installed on the bottom of the deck joists. 866-335-3724. More
  • Shockwave Crush-Resistant Drainage Board
  • Source: REMODELING Magazine 4/4/2007
  • Mar-flexMar-flex. Designed to protect walls during backfill operations, Shockwave crush-resistant drainage board acts as a powerful shock absorber when compressed. Closed-cell, cross-linked polyethylene foam construction absorbs pressure and bounces back to its original configuration after an impact, maintaining the ability to effectively drain water. Shockwave reduces the load factor on below-grade walls and is specially engineered for flexibility, so it expands and contracts during freeze-thaw cycles. Available in 3-foot-by-4-foot sheets. 800.498.1411. More

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