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Maxxon Gyp-Crete 2000

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Gyp Crete 2000 GypCrete 2000 and associated logos are registered trademarks of Maxxon Corporation, Hamel, MN. 2007 Maxxon Corporation #62015 TA6520 Printed in U.S.A. 5/09 *Drying Conditions: Maxxon gypsum underlay ments are inorganic and provide no source of nutri ents to sustain mold growth. Prolonged contact of moisture with other construction materials, how ever, can result in mold growth. To avoid growth of mold on construction materials such as wallboard, drywall compound and even dust, it is vital to main tain a low relative humidity both before and after placement of Maxxon gypsum underlayments. The general contractor must provide and main tain correct environmental conditions to keep the building clean and dry, and protect against infesta tion of moisture from a variety of potential sources. Moisture can be introduced by other trades through spillage, tracked in mud and rain, plumbing leaks, etc. Often stored in damp conditions, build ing products may arrive on site laden with moisture that releases after installation. Outside sources such as rain, snow, wind, etc. can also increase moisture levels. Controlling moisture levels in the building, through appropriate trade sequencing and preven tion of potential damage by other trades, is the responsibility of the general contractor. The gen eral contractor must supply mechanical ventilation and heat if necessary. These controls fall under the scope of work of the general contractor not Maxxon Corporation or the Maxxon gypsum underlayment installer. Testing: Compressive strength testing must be performed in accordance with modified ASTM C 47279. Before independent sampling, contact the Maxxon Corporation quality control department to ensure that proper procedures are followed. Warranty: Maxxon Corporation warrants GypCrete 2000 Floor Underlayment to be free from manufacturing defects as defined in this war ranty. Manufacturing defects are considered to be those defects that occur due to the quality of the GypCrete 2000 ingredients or from the manu facturing process itself. This warranty does not include labor costs and other costs or expenses associated with the removal or installation of GypCrete 2000. Because the Maxxon Corporation does not perform the actual GypCrete 2000 installation, it cannot be held responsible for the results of the application. Maxxon Corporation specifically dis claims problems that occur due to weather condi tions, structural movement, structural design flaws and application techniques. This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied including the warranty of mer chantability and fitness of purpose and of all other obligations or liabilities on Maxxon Corporations part. Maxxon Corporation neither assumes nor authorizes any person to assume for Maxxon Corporation any liability in connection with the sale and installation of GypCrete 2000 Floor Underlayment. For more information: 1 800 356 7887 E mail: info@maxxon.com www.maxxon.comMaxxon Corporation920 Hamel Road, P.O. Box 253 Hamel, Minnesota 55340 1 763 478 9600 FAX: 1 763 478 2431 1932" (15 mm) [58"]1932" (15 mm) [58"]2332" (18 mm) [34"]Truss, Beam or JoisT spaCing16"19.2" o.c. (406487 mm) 19.2"24" o.c. (487610 mm) 16"24" o.c. (406610 mm)gyp CreTe 2000/3.2K minimum ThiCKness34" (19 mm) 1" (25 mm)34" (19 mm)suBFLoor ThiCKness Fire raTingsuL Design # WarnockHersey Design Number WH1 694029 Factory Mutual Design Number FC378 PFS Design Number FC452 *All tests were conducted with ASTM E 119 procedures. The GREENGUARD INDOOR AIR QUALITY CERTIFIED Mark is a registered certification mark used under license through the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute. * Credits will vary depending on project type and Maxxon products used.Contact Maxxon Corporation for more details. GypCrete 2000/3.2K is GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified. Contact Maxxon for details.3.2Kpsi Higher strength, abrasion resistant Smooth, flat surface Faster drying, efficient application Upgraded impact sound control with optional AcoustiMat Sound Control Systems No shrinkage cracks to patch Sound and fire control Thinner applications, lower dead loads May contribute up to 11 LEED points with recycled content and very low VOC emissions From Maxxon, the floor specialists Limitations: The typical maximum depth of GypCrete 2000 is 3" (76 mm). For depths greater than 3" (76 mm), contact an authorized dealer. GypCrete 2000 may be scheduled before or after installation of drywall. All materials above crawl spaces must be protected by a vapor barrier. During construction, place temporary wood planking over underlayment wherever it will be subjected to heavy wheeled or concentrated loads. GypCrete 2000 is not designed to be installed on or below grade, except over welldrained structural substrates. The structural floor should be adequate to withstand design loads with deflection limitation of L/360. GypCrete 2000 should not be used for exterior application, or where it will come in prolonged contact with water. GypCrete 2000 should not be directly applied to a plastic vapor barrier. Concrete moisture or vapor emission must be eliminat ed by others prior to a Maxxon underlayment application for below grade, on grade or suspended slabs. acoustical performance: The acoustical performance of GypCrete 2000 is similar to GypCrete. Contact Maxxon Corporation for reports. Code Listings: ICCES Legacy Reports ER3433, ESR1141and 9 031.01. Contact Maxxon Corporation for major city approvals. GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified. installation methods: Consult your authorized Maxxon dealer for the appro priate mix design and compressive strength to meet the needs of your project. The minimum thickness of GypCrete 2000 over wood subfloors varies with the type of floor system used. See chart below. Minimum wood frame construction is agencyapproved 1932" (15 mm), 40/20 veneer and nonveneer subfloor panels. Preferred wood frame construction is 34" (19 mm) GypCrete 2000 over 34" (19 mm) tongueandgroove, agencyapproved subfloor with joists, truss or beam spacings of 16" to 24" (406 mm to 609 mm) o.c. Over concrete, the minimum thickness of GypCrete 2000 is usually 12" (13 mm). However, the 1.4 mix design can be featheredged. In wood renova tion, GypCrete 2000 is installed at a minimum depth of 34" (19 mm). Continuous ventilation and adequate heat should be provided to rapidly remove moisture from the area until underlayment is dry. The general contractor must supply mechanical ventilation and heat if necessary.* Under the above conditions, 34" (19 mm) thickness drying time is usually 5 to 7 days. GypCrete 2000 requires a floor covering. Contact your authorized dealer for recommendations for adhering floor goods. Or call or write for a copy of the Maxxon brochure Procedures for Attaching Finished Floor Goods to Maxxon Underlayments. It is the responsibility of the floor goods installer to determine the compatibility of their product with a particular floor underlayment. Maxxon products with this symbol are LEED compliant and help to contribute valuable points toward LEED certied projects. 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