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2007 Mills Pride Catalog

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Base Cabinets & Accessories Some items may be considered special order and are not stocked in every store. 341/2" 24" W33" or 36" 341/2" 24" 36"36" 3" 3" 28" 24" 33" or 36" Easy Reach Base CabinetBase Cabinet24" Open Space 33"or 36" 33" or 36" Easy Reach Cabinet For a symmetrical look with maximum storage space, this cabinet is the best option to transition runs of cabinets in a corner. The standard cabinet is supplied with an adjustable shelf but can be equipped with a Lazy Susan Kit to increase accessibility. 33" or 36" MILLS PRIDE xvii Accessorizes 33" and 36" Easy Reach Cabinets. Can be fitted after cabinet is installed. Adjustable carousel height. LSK28W carousel can be installed after installation. Easy Reach with Lazy Susan Kit CABINET DOOR PACK (QTY.) CAROUSEL (QTY.) 33" Wide EZR33 + ERR (1) + LSK28W (1) 36" Wide EZR36 + ER (1) + LSK28W (1) Easy Reach with Shelf CABINET DOOR PACK (QTY.) 33" Wide EZR33 + ERR (1) 36" Wide ER36 ER (1) 20/20 FastFind: BASE CORNER 20/20 FastFind: BASE CORNER 20/20 FastFind: ACCESSORIES LSK - Lazy Susan Kit PART # ITEM LSK28W Lazy Susan Kit - White
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