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From Our Editors

  • Hybrid Balustrade and Compound Curve Stairway System
  • Source: ebuild 8/20/2009
  • Designed to complement the veranda house style, the Hybrid Balustrade and Compound Curve stairway system can be incorporated into any design with balconies and stairs. "This looks fantastic and will be easy maintenance," one judge said. The system offers custom configurations for the stair rise, factory-assembled stair balustrades, and caps and rails with joints that allow for expansion or contraction, the maker says. The system also boasts smaller cross sections as well as pre-drilled rail sections to improve installation efficiency. The sections are topped with a classically sculpted, 11-inch-wide balustrade rail, hiding the assembly fasteners. Cost: starts at $15,000. 800-446-3040. More

From Our Manufacturers

  • L.J. Smith Stair Systems: Now Offering Wood Spiral Stairways
  • Source: ebuild 8/17/2009
  • L.J. Smith, Inc., one of the nation's leading manufacturers of component stair parts, introduces wood spiral stairways to their expansive offering. Many different balustrade combinations and standard sizes are available as well as custom configurations. Each stairway is set up in their shop and then disassembled prior to shipment so there is very little fitting required at the job-site. More
  • L.J. Smith Stair Systems: Innovative Curved Stairway Packs
  • Source: ebuild 5/1/2009
  • L.J. Smith, Inc., one of the nation's leading manufacturers of component stair parts, introduces ProCurve - the industry's most innovative, ready to assemble custom "curved" stair system. ProCurve is engineered to be assembled on-site with the builder's own trade labor. This unique new product is offered in 3 progressive packs (phases) designed to correspond with the different stages of a typical construction project. More

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