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From Our Editors

  • Exterior Finish Paint
  • Source: BUILDER Online 1/6/2010
  • Designed for pre-finishers of exterior siding, SuperPaint Advanced Machine Finish offers high-quality performance for builders and homeowners. It's formulated to work best with roller coating, curtain coating, and vacuum coating equipment, providing faster drying time, smoother application, improved durability, and better adhesion to wood and fiber cement. It comes in 5-gallon pails. 800-4-sherwin. More

From Our Manufacturers

  • Decorum by Simonton Exterior Color Matched Paint Now Available
  • Source: ebuild 8/26/2010
  • Simonton Windows, one of the nation's leading vinyl window and patio door manufacturers, has worked with Sherwin-Williams to create exterior paint colors that match the Decorum by Simonton product line. The paints, which are intended for use on siding, shutters, trim and other exterior finishes, complement Simonton's line of exterior colored window and door frames that include Brick, Chocolate, Bronze, Cream, Driftwood, Pine and Tan. More

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