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From Our Editors

  • Wolmanized L3 Outdoor Wood Preservative
  • Source: ECOHOME Magazine 8/3/2010
  • The company's Wolmanized L3 outdoor wood preservative is nonmetallic and carbon-based. The biocides used in the preservative are known to degrade in soil, so they do not accumulate, the manufacturer says. Applied to wood, the product resists termites and fungal decay, and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. In addition, Wolmanized L3-treated wood retains its natural color with no green tint. And because the preservative includes no copper, the wood is easier on saw blades, the company reports. A built-in water repellent helps the wood stay straighter longer than unprotected wood, the manufacturer says. Wolmanized L3-treated wood is appropriate only for out-of-ground use. 678.627.2000. More

From Our Manufacturers

  • Dow Corning Launches New Penetrating Stain Repellents for Building Materials
  • Source: ebuild 4/3/2009
  • Dow Corning Corporation, a leader in innovative silicone technology for the construction industry, has added two new products to its family of stain and water repellents. Dow Corning 6706W and 6707W Penetrating Stain Repellents are water-based fluorosilane post-treatments that provide effective, environmentally sound water and oil repellency to porous construction materials like concrete, natural stone (such as sandstone and limestone), pavers, mortar, and grout. More

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