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From Our Editors

  • Electronic Bidet Seats from Porcher
  • Source: BUILDING PRODUCTS Magazine 8/3/2011
  • Electronic bidet seats offer a hygienic alternative to toilet tissue without the expense of new plumbing fixtures, says the maker. More
  • Shower-Toilet From Duravit
  • Source: BUILDING PRODUCTS Magazine 6/7/2011
  • The SensoWash D-Code shower-toilet offers three settings--rearwash, ladywash, and comfortwash--with adjustable water temperature, jet intensity, and nozzle position; a control unit allows for easy regulation and includes an emergency stop button. More

From Our Manufacturers

  • Duravit's New Addition to a Classic Collection: The 1930 Series Built-in Bathtub
  • Source: ebuild 2/17/2010
  • At Duravit, a return to a design tradition of the past is reflected in the classic 1930 Series, inspired by a model of great market success of that time period. Consequently, for Duravit, 1930 isn't just the name of a range but a reference to the inspirational decade and Bauhaus period. Founded by Walter Gropius in 1919, the Bauhaus school aimed to create unity among the arts, sciences, knowledge of materials and technology. Its impact on architecture and art is still felt today, evident in the latest addition to Duravit's 1930 range: the built-in bathtub. More

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