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Indoor Gas-burning Fireplaces

Lennox Hearth Products Superior® Fireplaces 40 in. Direct-vent 3-Sided Peninsula Heat-circulating Louvered Gas Fireplace with Electronic Ignition

Lennox Hearth Products

Superior® Fireplaces 40 in. Direct-vent 3-Sided Peninsula Heat-circulating Louvered Gas Fireplace with Electronic Ignition

ebuild Ref. No. SSDVPF-CNE
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Features and Benefits

  • Customize your fireplace to home décor with optional louver kits in brass or brushed stainless.
  • Easy access controls provide simple operation and are hidden to maintain a clean look.
  • Narrow 24"-deep base helps incorporate the fire into the room environment and makes viewing enjoyment spectacular.
  • Optional blower kit helps circulate warm air into a large room for maximum comfort.
  • Optional radiant panels for a “clean-face” look, and arched doors are available for a sophisticated touch.
  • Optional wireless remote control or wall switch delivers the ultimate in flame and temperature control.
  • Piezo pilot or electronic ignition system offers quick and reliable start-up.
  • Sealed tempered glass panel keeps combustion air contained, producing a bright and active flame.
  • The multi-view peninsula configuration of the Superior® SSDVPF gas-burning, direct-vent fireplace stands out into a room as an island--making a sophisticated and unique statement. The three-sided 40" opening creates a dramatic focal point, as the ambiance of a realistic fire is literally incorporated into the room. And with heat circulation and an optional forced air blower that enhances output, relaxing comfort is ensured season after season.
  • Three-sided, peninsula configuration provides fire enjoyment in a large room and delivers a striking architectural statement.
  • Up to 37,500 BTU Heat-circulating design increases warm air distribution for exceptional supplemental heat.
  • “Split oak” log set and glowing embers deliver an elegant fire presentation.

Product Specifications

Manufacturer Model No.SSDVPF
Product Name40 in. 3-Sided Peninsula Heat-Circulating Louvered Fireplace
Width43 5/8 in.
Height41 in.
Depth24 in.
Rough Opening Width43 5/8 in.
Rough Opening Height41 1/2 in.
Rough Opening Depth22 3/4 in.
Viewing Area34 3/8 in. x 24 in.
Design TypePeninsula
Venting TypeDirect-vent
Energy TypeNatural gas
Heating MethodHeat-circulating
Venting Configuration
  • Rear
  • Top
Btu/h (Max.)37500
Interior Lining TypeInterior brick liner
Ignition TypeElectronic
Control TypeVariable flame control valve
Warranty Period20-year limited warranty
Optional Parts/Accessories
  • Blower kit
  • Doors: Arched, Standard
  • Louvers: Polished brass finish, Brushed stainless finish
  • Remote Control
Shipping Weight270.00 lb.

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