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Whirlaway Whirlaway Pro® Model 384 1/2 HP Disposer--Continuous Feed


Whirlaway Pro® Model 384 1/2 HP Disposer--Continuous Feed

ebuild Ref. No. 384
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Features and Benefits

  • High-speed 2600 RPM permanent magnet motor produces more power per pound
  • Longest warranties in the industry demonstrate commitment to quality
  • No retail competition
  • Safe for properly sized septic tanks
  • Stainless steel, rust free grinding components

Product Specifications

Manufacturer Model No.384
Product NameModel 384 1/2 HP Disposer
Width7 11/16 in.
Height13 7/16 in.
Motor Horsepower1/2 hp
Feed TypeContinuous feed
Grind Chamber MaterialGlass-filled polyester
Grinder Speed2600 rpm
Installation Type3-bolt mounting
Dishwasher Inlet Connection7/8 in.
Drain Connection1 1/2 in.
Power ConnectionDirect wire
Electrical Requirements115 V, 60 Hz, 4.5 A, direct wire
Warranty Period5-year over-the-counter replacement warranty
Meets Standards
  • UL listed
Shipping Weight9.50 lb.

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