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Pella Corp. Fiberglass 8-panel In-swing Entry Door with Center-view Door Lite--2/8 x 6/8

Pella Corp.

Fiberglass 8-panel In-swing Entry Door with Center-view Door Lite--2/8 x 6/8

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Features and Benefits

  • 21-inch lock block and steal deadbolt reinforcement plate provide a stronger door and increased security
  • Corner Locks--Nylon frame corner locks keep clad systems square and sturdy
  • Factory Assembly—Total door system is factory-assembled for quality assurance and easy installation
  • Fiberglass composite material that resists dents won’t rust or corrode
  • Fir-grain surface is ready for staining
  • High definition panel design and miter joinery lines provide the appearance of a finely crafted wood door
  • High Temperature Construction--Glazing frames are composed of an engineered material for lasting good looks and durability
  • High-Performance Jamb-On-Sill™ Design--Pella’s exclusive high-performance sill system allows door and sidelight frames to sit on top of the sill so jambs will not absorb water
  • Integration--Transoms and other Pella products can be attached easily to entry door
  • Mullion kits provide a smooth finish and an integrated look
  • Oak- and Mahogany-grain surfaces readily accept paint or stain
  • Pella fiberglass entry systems and sidelights combine the best of both worlds--low-maintenance benefits and the outstanding performance of an advanced fiberglass composite material
  • Polystyrene core helps provide up to five times the insulating value of a standard wood door
  • Special Features--Glazing frames feature wood-grain detail with self-aligning screw covers, primed and ready to accept paint or stain
  • Superior Corner Construction--Frame corners are mechanically fastened and sealed three ways with a mortise and tenon joint, glue and metal fastener for exceptional strength and performance for the life of the door
  • Your choice of oak-, fir- or mahogany-grain panel

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