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Patio Doors

Crestline Windows and Doors Select™ Clad Wood Bi-parting French Sliding Patio Door--120 in. x 95 in.

Crestline Windows and Doors

Select™ Clad Wood Bi-parting French Sliding Patio Door--120 in. x 95 in.

ebuild Ref. No. FS-4-10080-SELECTCLAD
Suggested Retail Price $3,042
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Features and Benefits

  • EXTERIOR & INTERIOR HIGHLIGHTS: Exterior wood available primed or with extruded aluminum cladding in seven colors (Narrow stile includes roll formed panel cladding). Clear pine interior. Fully weather-stripped for superior energy efficiency. Standard V-groove Brickmould for primed exterior--options include Historical Brickmould and Flat Casing. Dual tandem rollers
  • SILL: All sills provide thermal break and protection against wind and water infiltration. Standard sill features wear-resistant mill-finish aluminum with rot-resistant interior hardwood threshold. Premier Champagne-colored double-anodized sill with hardwood threshold optional. Sliding French doors feature standard premier sill
  • GLASS: Standard 3/4 in. tempered insulated glass. Options include: SmartR® Low E², SunPlus4® Low E, EasyCare™ Low E², argon-filled air space, sound control, clear insulated, obscure, bronze or gray tint
  • DIVIDED LITES & GRILLES: Simulated divided lites with 7/8 in. and 1 1/4 in. profiled grilles. Removable interior full surround 7/8 in. or 1 1/4 in. snap-in wood grilles. 5/8 in. flat or 3/4 in. profiled aluminum grilles in the airspace
  • Hardware: Standard hardware includes internal locking wood handle, sturdy external metal handle and footbolt security lock. Optional Legend-style handle, finishes available in Brass, Antique Brass, Polished Chrome, Brushed Chrome, White, Black or Oil-Rubbed. Premium two-point lock system available on French sliding doors
  • SCREENS & SPECIALITY UNITS: Standard premium sliding screens available in seven clad colors. Sidelites and studio units available in three heights. Customize with radius tops, geometric windows, transoms and custom shapes

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