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Heat Pumps

Lennox Industries 2.5 Ton Elite® Series HP27 Heat Pump--up to 15.05 SEER

Lennox Industries

2.5 Ton Elite® Series HP27 Heat Pump--up to 15.05 SEER

ebuild Ref. No. HP27-030
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Features and Benefits

  • Sound levels as low as 72 dB: Much quieter than a standard heat pump
  • Sound-dampening materials: Minimize rattles and vibration
  • Dependable Copeland Scroll™ Compressor: Precisely controls air temperature for greater comfort
  • Efficiency ratings of up to 15.05 SEER and 9.00 HSPF: Can save you hundreds of dollars a year, compared to a standard heat pump
  • ENERGY STAR® Qualified: Meets or exceeds EPA guidelines for energy efficiency
  • Simple, streamlined design: Fewer moving parts means higher reliability
  • 10-year limited warranty on compressor
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty on covered components

Product Specifications

Manufacturer Model No.HP27
Product NameElite® Series HP27 Heat Pump
Width32 1/8 in.
Height40 7/8 in.
Depth34 1/16 in.
Nominal Tons2.5
SEER Rating15.05
CFM (Max. Airflow)2800 CFM
Sound Level72 db
Compressor TypeCopeland Scroll™ compressor
Refrigerant TypeHCFC-22
Electrical Requirements
  • 60 Hz
  • Wire Size: #3/0 @ 240/1/2
  • 25.0 A
Energy Star® CompliantYes
Warranty Period
  • 10-year limited warranty on compressor
  • 5-year limited warranty on all remaining covered components
Meets Standards
  • Certified in accordance with USE certification program which is based on ARI Standard 210/240.
  • Sound rated in Lennox reverberant sound test room in accordance with test conditions included in ARI Standard 270-95.
  • Tested in the Lennox Research Laboratory environmental test room.
  • Rated according to U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) test procedures.
  • Units and components within bonded for grounding to meet safety standards for servicing required by UL and CEC.
  • Units are UL and ULC listed.
  • ISO 9001 Registered Manufacturing Quality System.
  • ENERGY STAR® certified units are designed to use less energy, help save money on utility bills, and help protect the environment.
Shipping Weight271.00 lb.

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