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Radiant Floor Heating

Uponor / Wirsbo 63 mm hePEX™--328 ft Coil

Uponor / Wirsbo

63 mm hePEX™--328 ft Coil

ebuild Ref. No. C1236300
Suggested Retail Price $2,938.88
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Features and Benefits

  • Metric Dimension hePEX™ (Engel-method cross-linked polyethylene) is heat-transfer tubing with an EVOH oxygen diffusion barrier
  • NOTE: Standard Uponor® ProPEX and QS-style Fitting Assemblies are not compatible with this metric dimension tubing
  • Tubing uses Uponor® Metric hePEX™ Brass Male Threaded Adapters

Product Specifications

Manufacturer Model No.C1236300
Product NameMetric Dimension hePEX™ Tubing
ApplicationHydronic heating
MaterialCross-linked polyethylene
Oxygen Barrier TypeBarrier
Diameter (I.D.)2.023 in.
Diameter (O.D.)2.48 in.
Coil Length328 ft
Max. Pressure @ Temperature
  • 80 psi @ 200 °F
  • 100 psi @ 180 °F
  • 160 psi @ 73 °F
Manifold ConnectionMetric compression fitting
Packaging328 ft coil
Warranty Period25-year limited warranty
Meets Standards
  • German DIN Standard 4726
Optional Parts/Accessories
  • Metric hePEX™ fittings
Shipping Weight209.00 lb.

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