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Kohler Fruits of Labor™ 2 Bowl 18 1/4 in. x 18 1/4 in. Undermount Kitchen Sink--White


Fruits of Labor™ 2 Bowl 18 1/4 in. x 18 1/4 in. Undermount Kitchen Sink--White

ebuild Ref. No. K-14578-FR-0
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Suggested Retail Price $1,103.25
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Features and Benefits

  • Fruits of Labor was inspired by ceramic art from the Italian Renaissance.
  • Rendered in soft shades of green, yellow brown, and blue, the design encircles the basin walls with bands of herbaceous leaves, plums, limes, pears and peapods. The basin bottom bears a lively blue-and-white checkerboard pattern.
  • Fruits of Labor design is offered on a White background undercounter mount, single compartment sink
  • Includes White bottom basin rack
  • Artist Editions are individually crafted designs. Some piece-to-piece variation may be possible. Check with your Kohler Distributor for exact lead time.

Product Specifications

Manufacturer Model No.K-14578-FR-0
Overall Depth8 1/8 in.
Overall Length18 1/4 in.
Overall Width18 1/4 in.
Installation TypeUndermount
No. of Bowls2
No. of Faucet-Mounting Holes
  • 0
  • 0
Additional Parts Required/Recommended
  • K-9000 P-Trap
Optional Parts/Accessories
  • K-14200-FR Fruits of Labor™ Decorative Tile, 4 1/4 in. x 4 1/4 in. Field Tile, Two Sets of Three Patterned Tiles
  • K-14318-FR Fruits of Labor™ Decorative Pitcher
  • K-14319-FR Fruits of Labor™ Decorative Platter
  • K-5917 Countertop Cutting Board Hardwood
  • K-6539 Drainboard with wire rack
  • K-8801 Duostrainer® Sink Strainer with tailpiece
  • K-R8801 Duostrainer® Sink Strainer with tailpiece

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