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CST/Berger Lasermark® Gizmo Lite 4 Laser Cross Level with Vertical Plumb Line with Tripod


Lasermark® Gizmo Lite 4 Laser Cross Level with Vertical Plumb Line with Tripod

ebuild Ref. No. 58GIZLT4PKG
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Features and Benefits

  • Similar to the Gizmo Lite, however, includes a third vertical plumb line which is ideal for alignment of fixtures across length of ceiling. Also ideal for aligning points on a wall with points on ceiling.
  • Simply mount on a Laserpole or place on a table, the floor, a tripod, or any stable surface and turn it on. The heavy duty magnetically dampened compensator eliminates error by quickly self-leveling the lasers. Plus, an out-of-leveling-range sensor triggers the beams to automatically shut off when the unit is moved out of its ±4° self-leveling range.
  • This precise alignment tool projects a vertical (plumb) line and/or a horizontal (level) line at the press of a button. Ideal for finish carpentry, floor and wall tile installation, wallpaper applications and stenciling, plumbing studs, leveling stairs or beams, and much more.

Product Specifications

Manufacturer Model No.58-GIZLT-4PKG
  • Horizontal leveling
  • Plumb finding
  • Vertical alignment
Beam Accuracy (+/-)5/32 in. @ 30 ft
Laser Frequency635 nm
Laser TypeClass II
Leveling MethodSelf-leveling
Self-leveling Range (+/-)
Out-of-Level IndicatorsAuto shut-off sensor
Power Requirements3 - AA-cell
Battery Life15 h
Case IncludedYes
Tripod IncludedYes
Product NameLaser Cross Level with Vertical Plumb Line
Parts Included
  • Laser Pole
  • Padded carrying case
  • Wall/tripod mount