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Aluminum-Clad Wood Windows--Skylights and Roof

Andersen Windows 400 Series Skylight Rectangular Stationary--46 in. x 16 1/2 in.

Andersen Windows

400 Series Skylight Rectangular Stationary--46 in. x 16 1/2 in.

ebuild Ref. No. 400-SKS4616
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Features and Benefits

  • FRAME Solid wood frame members are treated with a water-repellent wood preservative for long-lasting protection and performance. Frame corners are glued and pinned for structural integrity. The skylight frame is designed to be installed separately from the sash. Once the frame is installed, the sash snaps into place
  • Skylight units come with factory applied installation brackets that rotate into position for installation
  • SASH A patented, non-conductive, single-profile glass-fiber reinforced material in Terratone® color on the skylight allows a narrow sash profile for more glass area. The sash snaps onto the frame for easy installation and superior weathertightness
  • The skylight sash profile also provides a full-perimeter drywall return channel for easy interior finishing
  • A built in condensation channel is standard on the roof window and skylight
  • GLASS High-quality construction grade silicone and Santoprene® gaskets are used to seal the glass to the sash for maximum weathertightness
  • High-Performance™ Low-E tempered and High-Performance Sun™ Low-E tempered glass deliver optimum insulating performance. Both also are available laminated. Glass option must be specified
  • FLASHING Specially designed Terratone® color aluminum flashing protects against water, ice and snow infiltration. Standard flashing is for low-profile roofing materials (shingles). For installations from 60º (20/12 pitch roof) to 80º (68/12 pitch roof), the water defletor is required in addition to shingle flashing. For installations between 9º (2/12 pitch roof) and 18.5º (4/12 pitch roof), the incline curb flashing is required. Flashing is required for all installations. (Flashing option must be specified.)
  • SIZING Skylights are sized for truss and rafter construction
  • CUSTOM SIZING Andersen custom size skylights offer design flexibility for both new construction and remodeling/replacement. They are particularly useful for "bubble" skylight replacements and are available in any increment between 1627 and 4472 sizes. (See size chart.)

Product Specifications

Manufacturer Model No.SKS4616
Operating FormatFixed
Overall Width46 in.
Overall Height16 1/2 in.
Rough Opening Height14 1/2 in.
Standard GlazingDouble--Low-E/gas fill; tempered
Glass Options
  • High-Performance™ Low-E tempered glass
  • High-Performance Sun™ Low-E tempered glass
  • High-Performance™ Low-E tempered laminated glass
  • High-Performance Sun™ Low-E tempered laminated glass
Interior FinishClear Pine
Exterior ColorTerratone®
Wood Species (Interior)Pine
Optional Parts/Accessories
  • FLASHING Flashing is required for all installations. Depending on your installation requirements, choose one of the following flashing options
  • Shingle Flashing (sold separately) -- For installations using low-profile shingles or wood shakes
  • Low-Profile Tile Flashing (sold separately) -- For installations using roofing tile up to two inches in height or thick wood shakes
  • Incline Curb Flashing (sold separately) -- Required for roof slope installations between 9º (2/12 pitch roof) and 18.5º (4/12 pitch roof). Use of incline curb flashing requires an altered rough opening
  • Mullion/Transom Flashing (sold separately) -- Required when units are joined to channel water between units. To be used with shingle flashing only
  • Auxiliary Water Deflector (sold separately) -- Required for vertical or horizontal installations from 60º (20/12 pitch roof) to 80º (68/12 pitch roof)
  • COLOR The standard exterior color is Terratone®. Contact your Andersen supplier for other color options
  • Offset Extension Pole (sold separately) -- For out-of-reach installations, this extension pole easily controls the shade. Pole adjusts from six feet to ten feet in length
  • Flexible Extension Pole Tip (sold separately) -- The flexible extension pole tip is used on the extension pole for steep pitched installations
  • Pleated Shades (sold separately) -- Pleated shades are available in antique white with opaque or translucent fabric. Two lifts are included: one for hand operation, one for use with the extension pole
  • STORMWATCH™ PROTECTION Andersen 400 Series casement and awning windows are available with StormWatch™ protection. For a copy of the Andersen Coastal Product Guide, see the Andersen supplier nearest you