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From Our Editors

  • Polymer Roofing Tiles
  • Source: REMODELING Magazine 3/1/2010
  • VariBlend polymer roofing tiles include slight variations of grays, greens, and browns to provide a subtle blend of colors. Available in the Bellaforte, Valore Shake, and Valore Slate product lines, the tiles have a 50-year warranty and are 100 percent recyclable. More
  • Synthetic Roofing Tiles
  • Source: ebuild 6/30/2009
  • The company has introduced two value-priced lines of synthetic roofing" Valore Shake, a 9-inch-wide product offering the look of hand-split cedar, and Valore Slate, a 12-inch-wide slate-look tile. Valore Shake offers varied texture and profile for a natural appearance, the company says, and come in autumn, mountain, Tahoe, and weathered gray hues. Valore Slate is available in light, medium, dark, and slate gray colors or black. According to the firm, the tiles' polymer material is virtually maintenance free. 800-328-4624. More

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