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Slate Shingles--Synthetic
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From Our Editors

  • Lamarite Slate Composite Roofing Shingles
  • Source: BUILDING PRODUCTS Magazine 7/9/2010
  • Lamarite Slate composite roofing shingles now are available in variegated colors, including plum, rustic stone, patina, and pewter. The products are available in 5-, 7-, and 12-inch widths and are UL-listed for Class-A fire resistance. They come with a 50-year limited warranty. 800-641-4691. More
  • Slate Composite Shingles
  • Source: BUILDING PRODUCTS Magazine 3/31/2010
  • Lamarite slate composite shingles now come in five energy-saving cool colors that reflect the sun's heat instead of transferring it to the attic. The product, which is rated by the Cool Roof Rating Council, comes in widths of 5, 7, and 12 inches, and in five colors: terra-cotta, pale olive, cool grey, natural sand, and almond shell. More

From Our Manufacturers

  • Roofing Increasingly Paramount in Customization of Upscale Homes
  • Source: ebuild 2/10/2011
  • There was a time when the most discerning individuals were content to own homes that were simply well-built and beautiful. But today's upscale homeowners seek more. They demand homes that are unquestionably unique. That one-of-a-kind quality is a reflection of the homeowner's own sense of self. More

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