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  • Foundry Siding 'Rocks'
  • Source: ebuild 2/1/2011
  • The beautiful look of stone is now a more appealing option for builders, remodelers and homeowners. Foundry Stone Siding delivers the genuine look of stone in a simple vinyl siding system. Using molds cast from more than one hundred unique stones, the siding provides vibrant color and uncompromising detail that reflects hand-cut and installed stone. More
  • First Ever Vented Soffit in Cellular PVC is Here!
  • Source: ebuild 8/26/2010
  • Following the launch of our Stealth Fascia and Stealth Soffit earlier in the year, we have now completed the Stealth Soffit System with production of the first ever vented soffit offered in cellular PVC. These 1/2" thick boards come with a code exceeding 10" of free airspace per lineal foot, instantly making it one of the top airflow systems in the market today. These boards, also sold in a solid, are available in full 12" and 16" actual widths at premium 18' lengths, thus providing more coverage and fewer seams to improve aesthetics and speed of installation. Coupling these vented and solid soffit pieces with our Stealth Fascia and Stealth Frieze, both notched with a 9/16" pocket to accept these products, makes building a complete cellular PVC Soffit System easier than ever before. More

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